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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process to place my order?
    Please email me with your idea or desired piece, including any specifications or preferred dimensions, as well as inspiration pictures you may have. We can also discuss your idea over the phone. Once we have confirmed the details of your custom piece, you will recieve the Hidden Scripture Design contract to sign for work to begin.
  • Can I place a custom order for something not pictured on your website?
    Absolutely! Everything made by Hidden Scripture Design is a one-off, completely custom piece, hand built to your exact specifications.
  • When do I pay for my order?
    A deposit is required to have your custom piece placed on the schedule for work to begin with the remaining balance due upon completion.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    I accept the following forms of payment: Venmo, Zelle, Cash, Check and PayPal.
  • How long will it take to complete and receive my order?
    It is a privilege to create custom projects for many clients with varying details and quatitity of pieces ordered. The completion and delivery date of your piece will depend on the schedule of work already on the calendar. Once I have received your down payment for your project, you will be placed on the schedule and given an estimated date of completion. I will let you know ahead of time of any changes to your expected completion date.
  • Can I cancel or change my order?
    As long as I have not already bought materials, you can cancel for a full refund. Change orders are free as long as I have not already bought materials for your project. Otherwise, you will receive an estimate of additional cost and additional time to complete your change order.
  • Can I get a wood color sample before I place my order?
    Yes! We do everything in our power to confirm all color details with you before work on your piece begins, which can include sending you color samples with finishes on the exact wood that will be used.
  • Do you accept returns?
    If something in the construction of your piece fails and it can be directly related to the craftsmanship of the item, this will either be corrected for free or you will be given a full refund and the piece will be taken back...but it's our expectation that you will be thrilled with your custom furniture!
  • Will delivery of my custom piece be free?
    Yes! Delivery is free in the local Waco area. Anything past an hour from the HSD shop will be charged a delivery fee. You will recieve a quote for delivery if you are out of the local area.
  • Will my order be delivered or shipped if I am out of the local area?
    Depending on your location, we can discuss delivery options or confirm shipping options before work begins on your piece. Please feel free to reach out with any delivery questions you may have.
  • What should I expect on the day of delivery and installation?
    I will coordinate the logistics with you beforehand and bring appropriate help if necessary for the install. Your home or business will be treated with the highest care during the duration of the install. I strive for the delivery day to be as stress free and smooth as possible for all of my clients!
  • Do I have to assemble or install my own order?
    If I am delivering your custom piece to you, I will personally install the order myself.
  • What type of wood do you use?
    I am proud to use locally sourced hardwoods including Walnut, Oak, Ash, Alder and Maple. My goal is always to achieve whatever your dreams are and I can source whatever you want!
  • Where do you get your materials?
    I source all my materials using only the highest quality supply of locally repurposed trees, as well as materials from local sawmills and lumber yards.
  • Do you do your own metal fabrication?
    Yes! I do everything in house, including custom metal fabrication. My craftsmanship is on every part of the process throughout the build.
  • What type of finish will protect my order?
    I utilize a variety of professional product depending on the level of use your custom order will receive, and whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor spaces. For example, a family dining room table or other residential projects might be finished with something different than high traffic use pieces in commercial environments.
  • What if I have my own reclaimed wood I want to use?
    After careful inspection of your reclaimed materials, if it meets the high quality standards used for all Hidden Scripture Design projects, then yes! I am also able to harvest your own personal trees and transform them into lumber or live edge slabs to use in your custom project...making your piece uniquely special.
  • What about natural imperfections in the wood? Is that normal?
    Yes, depending on the species of wood. Using natural solid hardwoods means that it is not a prefabricated "fake" veneered mdf or particle board. All naturally occuring wood products are similar to human fingerprints in that no two pieces of wood are the same. Wood will have natural defects such as knots or voids but we will do our best depending on the design to stabilize or hide such imperfections.
  • Will you repair my piece if I damage it or the finish?
    Absolutely! Depending on the finish and difficulty of application, I can either send you directions on how to do it yourself or for a small fee come and fix it on site.
  • What if my table gets wet?
    Simply wipe the surface of your piece with a soft, dry towel. Surface moisture is no factor once the finish has been applied and cured. If damage does occur, and can be proven to be an error in the original craftmanship of the piece, your item will fixed free of charge.
  • How do I properly care for and maintain my order?
    I will provide details and care instructions including products to use for long-term care at time of delivery.
  • Will the wood or finish change over time?
    If your piece is indoors, the finish applied to your order is non-yellowing and should maintain consistent coloring throughout its lifetime. If the item is intended for outdoor use, some color change and other weather related issues could occur. These details will be discussed before any contract is signed and instructions for care will be given upon delivery.
  • What is considered normal wear and tear long-term?
    Very minor surface scratches could appear over time from items such as keys, plates, silverware, center pieces and decor, electronics, etc. We highly encourage you to follow all care recommendations. Always properly protect your piece if you know something you are going to do or use on the furniture has high potential for scratches or damage to the surface and finish of your item.
  • Will the furniture resist nicks, dings or dents?"
    No piece is bullet proof. Hidden Scripture Design produces only high-end, custom pieces that serve as functional art...and ask that it be treated as such. It will resist your everyday dings and dents but anything substantial could potentially cause dents, scratches or cracks. Natural use over the life of your item will most likely cause these things to occur and so we highly recommend giving your custom order the love and care it deserves!
  • What if a small split in the wood appears over time?
    Depending on the split in the wood, it could be caused by seasonal expansion and humidity levels in your area. Know that during the build process, every care has been taken to accommodate for Mother Nature's effects on solid hardwoods and we would be happy to discuss with you a solution in the event this happens to your item.
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